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Seven on a Journey - Athens, Greece

Seven on a Journey - Athens, Greece

Hello readers! The funny thing is that even if we spend more than a week in Greece, i think that it won't need more than 3 blogs to complete. Unlike Istanbul in which i needed 3 just for one city! Well, we did stay there for almost a month...

And i will begin this Greece adventure without any further due! We stayed in the first day because our flight from Istanbul was at 7am. Which mean to be at the airport at 5am. But the airport was 2 hours away. Which meant to rise at 3:30am. Hey, Istanbul is a huge city.

After the first day, we visited an ancient agora. An indoor market that the Greeks once used. And since it was mostly ruins, there was little protection of the sun. On a good point, we had Rick Steves talking about the history of this agora while we walked.

Oh yeah, i forgot to mention that this was the first time when we were introduced to Rick Steves. He's like an American Audio Guide who likes to incorporate humor into his tours that you could download online. But in this particular tour, he is called comrade Rick and his partner is called comrade Lisa.

After this small trip of history, we began to take the longer walk home. Or longer walk to the metro system. We roamed through some really nice graffiti streets. Athens had a lot of nice graffiti.

We had to add some of our own!

Thanks dad for the sharpie!

Canada -Eli

Get Out Of My Sunshine -Emma

Let's Be Friends -Mom

Dinosaur drawings -Everyone Combined

Lucy tried to draw on a completely "graffiti-free" building with some plant juice. In the middle of writing hello, the lady came and told her to stop. I guess that she didn't want "hell" to be written on her beautiful wall.

The next morning, we were going to go to the Acropolis where the parthenon is. But (of course) like most cases, we didn't get out of our apartment until really late. And ended up not going that day. Mom booked us a place to stay near these monasteries in rocks. We woke up early in order to buy tickets for the train. Only that they were all sold out.

 Views from the Acropolis of Athens.

Views from the Acropolis of Athens.

The next train was in 5 hours. Well, i guess that we had some time to explore the Acropolis! But as my title says, "Seven on a Journey" Who is this seventh member? My mother's younger sister and our aunt. She traveled for a month before meeting with us, and staying with us until Italy. But this was the beginning of our journeys together and it was amazing.

Back to the Acropolis topic...

The acropolis was the highest point of Athens which made the sun seem even more direct that even India. But the view made up for it because we had the whole view of Athens from the top.

Front and back view of the parthenon. See the difference? 

Original marble that dated back to even 400 years BC. By the way, it's really slippery and i definitely don't recommend walking on it just saying.

I think that being up at the highest point of Athens, i was more interested in the sight of Athens itself than the Parthenon itself. Well, how can you not? This view is amazing.

For some strange reason, there were tortoises who enjoyed roaming the ruins of the Acropolis. We gave him some flowers and he just went off to chop them all up. Before when we were heading up into the Acropolis, we found a whole bunch of yellow flowers and kept them for the tortoises when we come back down.

And this lady overheard us talking about finding the tortoise to give them all the delicious yellow flowers, she handed us an apple. Half eaten. And this tortoise loved it.

There was the national archeology museum where we followed the prehistoric history of Greece. It was really neat to see the evolution of the Greek art and culture. Where humanity based their tools and techniques. 

The museum was super strict on posing in front of statues or paintings whatever. But behind this statue of either Zeus or Poseidon, i found Myka posing behind him. Completely unknown to me and the security guards. Success!

Well, Athens was a quick 4 days. But it was packed with activities. Especially learning that "Hello" in Greek was actually "Yassas" and not "YAAAA!" Instead of smiles of greeting, i received other looks. None too polite.

Our next stop was from Athens, the day that we missed our first morning train and visited the Acropolis instead. That stop was a small town named Kalambaka. And was near these rocks where monks built monasteries. But that is for my next blog.

But after the monasteries we returned back to Athens before flying out again to Crete. So we stayed at another apartment for two nights.

Thanks for reading!


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