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Six on a Turkey - Izmir & Ephesus, Turkey

Six on a Turkey - Izmir & Ephesus, Turkey

Izmir was a pretty short stop and so was Ephesus. But that didn't make them both less interesting. There was an Ataturk monument in Izmir (photo on the right) and me just failing to recopy cute pics of wings.

See? Wasn't that short? Probably my record for shortest blogging length for a city. 



From Izmir, we took a train ride to a town outside of Ephesus. The ancient city itself of Ephesus is actually a museum for visitors. We stayed in 2 places. The first was with a family who also guided us around Ephesus. And the second was with a lovely couple with a lovely apartment. Just lovely.

In Ephesus, we visited the house where (supposedly) Mary, mother of Jesus, stayed during the last days of her life.

There was also the famous library that i've heard about only once and to see it in real life is pretty impressive. These were ancient relics of the Roman Empire.

 Lucy haha

Lucy haha

When we first arrived, there were some storks or cranes up inside nests. Perched up above the large pillars of stone.

In the second accommodation, they made a good Turkish breakfast with all the necessity for a good morning.

Artemis' temple was once one of the seven world wonders of the ancient world was also here in Ephesus.

And this pillar is all that remains of the temple. (Besides the foundations.)

But of course, i was not terribly interested in the runes. Instead, there were some adorable little turtles who were living by these ruins. Like just look at them.

We were near some small touristic towns/villages, we went to one of them.and found that our resting bench had a cat perched above us. And Eli liked the roses i guess. Haha.


After Ephesus, we left for Istanbul. Met up with our Aunt and then continued traveling. This time, Seven of a Journey left for the next country. Greece!

Sorry for the seemingly interesting blog title to only find that is was one of my short ones. But there are a lot of good ones out there! Especially the ones in this favourite tag!

So after the stress and differences in India, i think Turkey has really been a relaxing stop just to recuperate mentally and physically. Not to mention, Istanbul was definitely an amazing stop. I will 100% come back in my future.


Seven on a Journey - Athens, Greece

Seven on a Journey - Athens, Greece

Barren Lands with Holes in Caverns - Cappadocia Region, Turkey

Barren Lands with Holes in Caverns - Cappadocia Region, Turkey