There's six of us.  Alvin, Clara, Emma, Myka, Eli, Lucy.  We each have a backpack - clothes, books, toothbrush, and comfort items.  We also bring fears, hopes and prejudices.  This will be a time of unlearning and discovering, giving and receiving.  Not to mention a time of eating amazing foods and meeting a diversity of people.  Thanks for coming along!

(now in a 15 year old's perspective...)

This is Emma Der, the eldest daughter of this journeying family of six. Myka Der is 13 and the younger two (Eli & Lucy) are 9. So i was literally born with a burden of responsibility that i sometimes lack. I've been whisked away from my high school freshman year to basically journey around (mostly) Asia and Europe. Do i mind being stuck with them? Not as much as i thought, but you'll have to find out my real thoughts through my blogs. 

-Emma Across the Seas

And by the way, we are NOT from Japan or China but are Canadian. Sending love from wherever we are! Bye.